For Immediate Release:                    
December 5, 2016

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Floridians for Fair Business Practices Applauds Legislators for Common Sense, Pro-Business Bill

Tallahassee, FL – Senator Anitere Flores (R-Miami) and Representative Bryan Avila (R-Hialeah) today announced the filing of a bill to repeal a Prohibition era law that restricts the ability of certain businesses to remain competitive in the modern marketplace.

Currently, 30 states allow the sale of distilled spirits alongside beer, wine and other goods. In Florida, distilled spirits must be sold in a separate location from groceries and other goods. The repeal of this law would allow Florida to join the majority of the country and put all retailers on equal footing, allowing for cost savings for the consumer and more competition in a growing digital marketplace.

“I’m concerned that retailers around the state are being hurt by regulations that have no purpose other than to favor one business model over another,” said Senator Flores. “As legislators, we shouldn’t burden businesses with archaic regulations when they must be more innovative and forward thinking than ever to compete with the digital marketplace.”

“All around the world, consumers are going online for more of their shopping needs,” said Representative Avila. “This past Black Friday, more retail sales were made online than in stores and that trend will continue to grow. For our retailers to be able to compete with online sales, we need to allow them every opportunity to thrive, especially in areas where regulations are in place to stifle growth.”

“On behalf of the Floridians for Fair Business Practices, I applaud Senator Flores and Representative Avila for filing this pro-consumer, pro-business legislation,” said coalition member Carol Dover, President and CEO of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. “The consumer, not the government, should be who the retailer turns to when deciding what to stock on their shelves. If a retailer wants to offer distilled spirts alongside the beer and wine they already sell, that should be their choice. It would only make sense for Legislators, who want to create an environment where businesses can compete, create jobs, and grow, to support this bill.”

Floridians for Fair Business Practices is a coalition of retailers and business groups whose purpose is to identify rules and regulations, which prohibit the growth and expansion of Florida business. For additional information, please visit to