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A measure is likely to be considered by the 2017 Florida Legislature to repeal Florida’s outdated and inconvenient separation law. The law restricts consumer access to alcoholic beverages by requiring liquor to be sold in a location separate from groceries and other goods.

Senator Anitere Flores and Representative Bryan Avila have filed SB 106 and HB 81 for consideration during the 2017 Florida Legislative Session. Currently, 30 states allow the sale of distilled spirits alongside beer, wine and other goods. In Florida, distilled spirits must be sold in a separate location from groceries and other goods. The repeal of this law would allow Florida to join the majority of the country and put all retailers on equal footing, allowing for cost savings for the consumer and more competition in a growing digital marketplace.

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In Florida, grocery stores that sell beer and wine are prohibited from selling spirits, such as whiskey and vodka. Current law requires grocery stores and retailers that sell wine and beer to maintain a separate entrance for the sales of spirits.

Legislation currently moving through the state Senate would remove the so-called “liquor wall” and allow retailers to place all alcoholic beverages on the same shelves.

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